Invest on gold instead of shares

There are a number of stock exchanges around the world that deal with various stocks, bonds, debentures and mutual funds. Any developed country’s finance is controlled by the activities of its stock markets. Most people are interested in stocks of reputed companies and therefore they purchase certain number of shares of these companies at a rate which the people think will increase with time. When the rates of the purchased shares increase, then the investors sell the shares at elevated prices. This helps them in making profits. This is definitely a method of earning but investors while making investments on the shares gamble a lot. Sometimes it so happens that investors purchase shares of companies but the share value of the shares of that company drops drastically and under these circumstances the investors suffer huge losses in their business. Therefore while investing in stock market it is very much recommended that proper advice of stock market professionals be sought. This reduces the chances of risks and maximizes the income through such type of businesses.

Common practices in trading

Yet another interesting and common practice of making money is to invest on precious metals like Gold, Platinum etc. It has been observed that the prices of these precious metals are continually increasing and therefore investors investing money by purchasing certain volume of these metals can surely earn them huge profits. As compared to stock market shares, investments on the precious metals are less risky and therefore most sought after by people.

How to strengthen currency

A country’s finances depend on its gold reserves, foreign reserves and the stock market indices. It is important for every country to attract investments in every sector in order to increase the existing gold reserves and foreign exchange reserves. More the foreign investment stronger will be the currency of that country. And definitely stronger currency implies reduced inflation and hence better standard of living.

Dental Care & Human health

Health is important for all human beings and therefore care needs to be taken to ensure healthy living. Often it is observed that people fall prey to bad habits and malpractices that greatly hampers and individual’s health. Most physicians suggest their patients to refrain from bad habits and mal practices. These habits mostly include smoking, drinking liquor, unprotected sex etc., as we know that smoking can be very injurious to health. It can create infections in the lungs that may lead to cancers. Therefore smoking cigarettes are a major health hazards. Even passive smoking is far more harmful.

Bad habits are unhealthy

Though people understand the demerits of such habits like smoking, yet they fail to quit such habits. It is when they are advised to undergo special treatment and medication in order to relieve them of such habits. The same is applicable to drinking liquor. However, small amounts of liquor are not a threat to the health but drinking in large volumes can surely lead to complications in the liver. An often excessive drinking result in cirrhosis of lever which is difficult to treat and in many cases it has been observed that the person dies a painful death. Even unprotected sex is a major threat to a person’s health and environment. It leads to the occurrence of several venereal diseases including AIDS. Therefore it is always advice to practice safe sex and use condoms.

How to take care of dental problems

Besides, general health, yet another subject that requires careful consideration are the dental care. We understand that our teeth give beauty and shape to our faces and therefore it is our duty to ensure that our teeth remain healthy. Therefore people should go to dentists periodically. Even with minor dental issues, professionally qualified dentists need to be consulted. Also regular brushing of teeth needs to be performed in order to ensure healthy gums, teeth and prevent tooth decay.

Ways to tackle legal bankruptcy

In many cases it has been found that people take loans from banks and other financial institutions at high interest rates but fails to repay the loans in time. This type of behavior on the part of the borrowers is criminal and therefore criminal cases are registered against these borrowers. Because of these criminal cases many of them are found guilty and therefore convicted. They have to serve sentences in jails and often are penalized by a huge amount.

Legal bankruptcy and its solution

Then there are instances of legal Bankruptcy due to payment of fees to the attorney. When these things occur then the properties of the bankrupted entity is estimated by making numerous audits by charter accountants and CA firms. Based on the estimation the said properties of those individuals or groups and organizations are auctioned in public. The auctioning process attracts attention from many people. People participating in the auction help to raise funds which ultimately are used to get rid of debts or make payments to the attorney.

How to avoid bankruptcy

In many cases it is also observed that some persons or groups get into conflict with other persons or groups and these results in a defamation suit filed against a party. Sometimes the suit worth runs in billions. Though parties fight cases, there are occasions when the filing of the defamation suit is protected and then the person against whom the case has been registered is ordered by the judge to pay the amount mentioned in the suit. Many people fail to provide this amount that result in a criminal act and subsequent detention. There are also instances when estimation of assets is made by the legal team consisting of Chartered accountants after which the assets are auctioned to public. The proceeds are then collected and are used subsequently to get rid of the legal bankruptcy.

How to excel in online reputation management?

In recent times there is a significant impact of social media websites on the lives of people around the world. In this extremely busy world it is increasingly becoming difficult for people to communicate and socialize with each other face to face. Most of them hardly find any time to meet their colleagues, friends or distant relatives. It is at this juncture that social media came to rescue.

Social networking & real estate management

There are a number of social networking sites that are available. Each site has certain features that are unique in contrast to rest of the others. People use those sites which are ready to use, user friendly and offers a wide range of options. Social media sites like Face book are nowadays being used for business purposes. These businesses include online real estate management and various other consultancy services. With the help of these sites, young people nowadays can communicate for the purposes of interview with their peers in various companies and firms.

Social networking & online reputation management

But it is increasingly important to maintain social media sites by the owner. Maintenance of sites includes online reputation management. As these sites aid the users in sending and accepting friend or follower requests, therefore care should be taken to ensure that the friends and followers are genuine. In many cases it has been observed that by sending requests to unknown persons greatly hampers the reputation of the site user or company. Also the sites admin information needs to be stored appropriately. It must not be shared with anybody else. The users have to ensure that their social network data do not get compromised. It is therefore advised to periodically change the password in order to prevent unwanted hacking of the sites. Though there are a number of these sites that are in use around the world yet many new sites are opening thereby making the environment competitive.

Advantages & disadvantages of Mobile phone technology

In the past decade there has been a breakthrough in science and technology. This led to a number of important inventions and innovations. The development in the field of communications has led to increase in businesses and this simply aids in overall growth and development of a nation. Earlier concept of cellular telephony was not known to people. People for communications greatly relied on wireless technology. But with major developments in space technology there has been a revolution in the field of communications technology.

Communication in modern age

Most developed countries are sending communication satellites in space. These satellites aid in providing cellular telephony. Nowadays cellular telephony is so popular that every household in this planet has access to mobiles and hence this technology. Initially the mobile sets used to be expensive but later more research in this field has reduced the costs of these mobiles quite significantly. Important players in mobile technology are Vodafone, Airtel, Nokia, Docomo, Idea, and Uninor. These companies have research centers along with teams of dedicated professionals and they are conducting researches in order to ensure how additional features can be provided in a cell phone economically.

Disadvantages of cell phones

The cell phones actually work with the help of electromagnetic waves like microwaves, infrared waves. The use of cell phones makes it essential to have cell phone towers. Though these towers aid in communication but it has been observed that they are a severe threat to health of the people. The electromagnetic waves are known to create abnormal conditions in the human body leading to cancers and other deadly diseases. Though there are efforts to minimize the hazards at all levels yet significant work needs to be done in this regard. Many scientists too are working on projects that can deliver efficient communication solutions at reduced costs and without any health hazards. If they succeed then humanity will be relieved of health hazards from mobile towers.